At Brioche Dorée, we are always committed to offering traditional French products of exceptional quality. Breads, viennoiseries and pastries have been essential elements of the French gastronomic landscape for centuries; today we perpetuate these traditions with great pride. Our products are made with simple ingredients: flour, fresh eggs, milk, butter, sugar, salt and yeast. According to their individual recipes, they constitute the foundation dough and batters of our main product lines. Tradition also rhymes with customization: we take inspiration from French urban cuisine and adapt our recipes to local tastes.


The term “brioche” appeared for the first time in 1404 and originates from the French verb “brier”, an ancient form of “broyer” (to grind) with the meaning of kneading dough with a rolling pin. Considered as a Normandy specialty since the 16th century, this traditional French viennoiserie comes in varied forms: braided, headed or rectangular. The brioche is made from simple ingredients: flour, yeast, butter, milk, eggs…and that’s it! With its light texture and subtly sweet taste it is perfect for breakfast or to indulge in a sweet snack.


As an essential ingredient of « à la française » breakfast, the croissant was introduced and popularized in France as from 1770 by Maria Antonia of Austria, who came from Vienna, hence the name viennoiserie. The croissant was originally baked from brioche-like dough. At the end of the 19th century though, French bakers reinvented the croissant by replacing the brioche dough by puff pastry but they didn’t change its distinctive crescent moon shape. Our butter croissant is perfect for your gourmet breakfast. Sliced in half, we serve it as a savoury sandwich in our boutiques.


At Brioche Dorée, using fresh ingredients in our recipes is an essential principle: it allows us to make sure that we offer delicious and high-quality products to our guests. Every day, all day, our teams prepare handmade salads, sandwiches, pastries, etc., in order to ensure their freshness as well as compliance with the quality standards we have established. The ingredients of our recipes are selected according to strict specifications and we favor the selection of local producers and suppliers whenever it is possible.


Hot or cold, savory or sweet, as a main dish or for dessert, there are a thousand ways to enjoy crêpes and satisfy the appetite of food lovers. The crêpe originates from Brittany and dates from the 13th century. Originally made of buckwheat, it was turned into the crêpe we know today in the early 20th century with the arrival of white wheat flour. Crêpe is recognizable thanks to its traditional round shape and beautiful golden color. Easy to take away, it is a great choice for a lunch on the fly or for your family brunches.


Brioche Dorée is the perfect place when you want to indulge in a treat! Gourmets and food lovers will be delighted to discover our pastries and viennoiseries. Our tartlets for instance, are a delight for your palate and your eyes! Chocolate, lemon or raspberry, you will surely find what you are looking for. Sweet tooth? We also offer chocolate éclairs, flan or brioches, among so many others. Sandwiches, quiches or savoury pastries also available for those who prefer savoury alternatives.


At Brioche Dorée we update our product selection on a regular basis. Why? We simply want to provide our guests with seasonal products and to consistently surprise you. Each season brings various new fruits and vegetables. You will find them in our salads, our sandwiches and also in our tartlets depending on the time of the year. Several times a year, we feature a seasonal ingredient in our recipes, for a limited time. Come and visit us to discover these novelties!